Nerf N-Strike Double: Blast Bundle

For Nerf enthusiasts, the Nerf N-Strike Double: Blast Bundle is a great way to enjoy the excitement of a Nerf war and the fun of the Wii all at once. This Nerf Wii game offers you two games, plus a real Nerf gun and darts so you can take the intensity of a Nerf war into a video game. This game boasts huge variety and flexibility, fast action, the ability to play with friends, a super cool way to add your real Nerf gun to the video game, and more. Following are just some of the features that make the Blast Bundle stand out.

Two Games to Play
One of the most appealing features of the Blast Bundle is the fact that it gives you two Nerf Wii games to play. The first, N-Strike, allows you to play with up to three friends. In this Nerf Wii game, you take on the character of Shane, whose goal it is to become an Elite N-Strike officer. You achieve this coveted status by completing more than 20 missions that take place in 4 chambers that are each harder than the last. The result is a game that is charged with fun and excitement as you seek to become the best N-Strike fighter ever.

The second game, N-Strike Elite, pits you and up to one other person against an army of robots. This game gives you even more features than N-Strike. For instance, you can unlock up to 16 blasters and upgrade them to achieve thousands of configurations. Plus, you can decode messages, choose from among four characters to play (each with their own set of blasters), and you have the chance to face enemies that are stronger and more powerful than any you faced in N-Strike.

The ability to choose from among both of these games, which are conveniently located together on a single disc, makes this Blast Bundle of Nerf Wii games a great value while providing you with hours of fun.

Wii Compatible Nerf Gun
An added bonus for this Nerf Wii game is the inclusion of a Wii compatible Nerf gun: The Nerf Switch Shot EX 3 Blaster Peripheral. This Nerf gun is powerful in its own right, delivering up to 3 whistling darts and possessing a long range.

However, this Nerf gun’s true value lies in the fact that it can be connected to the game by placing the Wii remote inside it. By doing so, you can then use the Nerf gun in your video game. Plus, you can use the red decoder to decode messages in the game, find your enemy’s weak spots, and more. The level of fun and interaction this gun adds to your video game makes it a smart addition to the bundle, while the fact that you can use it as a regular Nerf gun adds to its overall value.

The N-Strike Double: Blast Bundle receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from people who have purchased and used this Nerf N-Strike Wii game. While they recommend saving the game for children who are older than 8, they report that this Nerf Wii game offers hours of fun for children and adults alike.

In particular, reviewers report that the Nerf gun is comfortable to carry and easy to use. Plus, they enjoy the fact that they can use it in the video game. They enjoy the opportunity to play against others or against the computer, and they note that the variety in blasters that you can use within the video game adds to its fun.

The Nerf N-Strike Double: Blast Bundle promises you Nerf Wii fun that is hard to match with any other game. With two games to play, you can enjoy moving from an easier game to a harder game as your skill improves. With lots of chances to upgrade your blasters, play with friends or against the computer, and use your Nerf gun, you can enjoy a variety of game play that will always keep you entertained. And, because reviewers report that both children and adults love this game, it allows you to bond with the kids in your life over a game that you will all enjoy. The result is a Nerf Wii game that stands out because of the versatility, creativity, and fun it brings to the Nerf Wii experience.

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